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Wind Turbine Piston Accumulators

The latest piston accumulator technology combined with top-notch know-how and an in-depth understanding of the challenges that our customers face in their applications, makes SCI the optimum international technology partner in piston accumulators.

Wind Turbine Renewable Energy Accumulators

Piston accumulator solutions are truly proven solutions.

Key Features

Improve safety
Improve reliability
Work in extreme weather conditions – temperatures
Withstands centrifugal forces
Helps avoid catastrophic failure

Wind Turbine Hydraulic Pitch Control System and Brakes

Hydraulic pitch control constantly adjusts the angle of the blades to the wind to optimize the wind turbine’s energy production. Also hydraulic pitch systems act as a main brake in extreme weather or wind conditions protecting the high value turbine.

Piston accumulators are in a vital role in hydraulic pitch systems. Typically they perform three functions:

  • Damping pulsations from the pump and the proportional valve
  • During emergency stops accumulators supply extra oil/energy to the cylinders that pitches the blades to a safe position
  • Manual decompression is used during service

The wind turbine industry tends to use either bladder or piston accumulators. However there are strong factors suggesting the superiority of piston accumulators in wind turbine applications such as:

  • Multiple times lower gas permeation
  • Superior reliability
  • Failure of piston accumulator is not sudden
  • High and low temperature tolerances
  • Ability to withstand centrifugal forces
  • Easy to install real time pressure monitoring diagnostics

Solar Panel Movement

In concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) systems tracking the sun all day is key for system efficiency. In remote locations high reliability with minimum maintenance is one of the key demands for hydraulic systems. Proven Piston accumulators are built for this purpose.

Wave and Tidal Energy Production

Accumulator solutions exist to help to utilize the huge potential of wave and tidal energy in the ocean. Accumulators are in a crucial role in energy production in Wave and Tidal energy.

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