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Motion Controls Insight Series

Motion Controls electronic embedded INSIGHT cylinders feature a patented QVLA sensor technology. Integrating two popular air cylinders with a new patented electronic rod poistion sensing technology, rod position can be reported with a simple analog voltage all within an NFPA footprint. In addition, the technology uses no magnets, works in high vibration environments with or without ferrous metals and impervious to weld fields.


Motion Controls LLC now offers a patented QVLA sensing technology embedded within the air cylinders. Upgrade and update equipment with old reed switches, expensive bulky transducers or external potentionmeters with Insight Analog. Repeatable proportional to rod position voltage signal is available in an NFPA footprint and in a non-NFPA footprint D series. No additional electronics needed. Position reported with analog voltage via a three wire M8 IP67 cable carrying power, ground and signal. Voltage output is .5 to 9.5 VDC proportional to stroke.

Programmable Position Cylinder

A repairable tie-rod air cylinder with embedded electronics providing two discrete user programmable stop points. This cylinder design features both NFPA and Non-NFPA configurations.
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